Award Winning Radio
produced by
Artemis Common Ground

If you think that the radio is boring and it's just a way to listen to music when you don't have the Internet, you're deeply mistaken. Or you haven't listened to the radio long ago, because there are several award-winning stations that can change your opinion on the radio. The interview program on Home Ground Radio is what can help you reassess what you like listening to. Perhaps, it's better to start exploring podcasts and getting tons of helpful information? It'll be beneficial for college students who spend hours finding information to do homework but then decide to buy powerpoint presentation because there's no relevant information on the Internet. We don't want to say that getting online help is wrong or so, but improving your background knowledge is also important when you're a student. It's great that you can manage your own time delegate assignments you don't want to do. Professional writers don't just do your assignments — they help you get rid of all the worries and get only the highest grades to improve your academic performance.

Home Ground's guests tell us who they are, what they think, and what they are doing about it. Those diverse stories help us to think more deeply - about what we believe and why. Our guests engage in in-depth conversations about our past, present, and future. We talk about the economy, our religious views, schools, courts, wolves, medicine, the timber industry, conservation, life in prison, life on the farm... We discuss our most serious personal, political, and community values, and our place in the larger world.

We honestly explore conflict and controversy, and at the same time honor our shared values - the often-overlooked "common ground" of diverse community interests. We treat our guests and audience with respect - at times by asking fair but tough questions. Our listeners appreciate hearing differing viewpoints, and care about our shared responsibility as informed citizens of the West, the United States, and the world. On the air more than 20 years, we've done more than 1,000 shows. One listener describes Home Ground as "a cumulative portrait of our culture in transition." We appreciate the compliment. 

Host Brian Kahn

Brian Kahn hosts the award-winning public/private radio interview program, Home Ground, in its 21st year on the air in the Rocky Mountain west.

A lawyer, he specializes in mediation of contentious natural resources issues. An author, his writing on politics, the outdoors, and nature conservation have been published in four languages. Kahn’s background includes work as a Montana ranch hand, UC Berkeley varsity boxing coach, elected official, candidate for U.S. Congress, and Director of the Montana Nature Conservancy. As President of the California Fish and Game Commission he played a key role in saving the California condor from extinction.

Kahn wrote and produced the documentary film, “A Thousand Cranes”, depicting Soviet-American efforts to save the Siberian crane from extinction. A parable about the threat of nuclear war to human survival, and narrated by Joanne Woodward, the film won numerous awards, was televised internationally, and screened at the Smithsonian Institution and United Nations.

He is author/co-author of five books, including. Parting With Illusions, by Vladimir Pozner (Atlantic Monthly Press, 1990)-- 10 weeks on the New York Times' bestseller list. Real Common Sense: Using Our Founding Values to Reclaim Our Nation (Seven Stories Press N.Y. 2011). Rediscovering America is scheduled for U.S. publication in 2018. Brian provided typing and legal services for Tess of Helena for her ground-breaking Training People: How to Bring out the Best in Your Human (Chronicle Books, S.F. 2007). The book has been highly praised by dogs, and severely criticized by cats.

Brian is founder of two 501c3 NGOs: Artemis Common Ground: Good for People, Good for the Land, and Friends of Francis, People of Diverse Faiths and Beliefs Working Together for a Better World.

Home Ground Radio is a production of Artemis Common Ground. A description of its mission and work with rural communities can be found here.

Brian is winner of the Chevron Conservation Award, the Montana Governor’s Award for the Humanities, and the Order of the Golden Bear. He lives in Helena, Montana.

I found myself cheering for the radio
as you pursued some entirely fair but tough questions.”
— Thad A., Helena