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Sample Programs from 2012-13:

Sandra Day O’Connor: The former Supreme Court Justice discusses her rural upbringing, discrimination she faced as a young woman lawyer, the need for a better appreciation of the Constituion, and the on-line American Civics curriculum she is championing

Joe Sample has had an unusual life – from World War II intelligence officer to Montana media pioneer.  What has he learned along the way about life, citizenship, business and ethics?

Almost all of us say we support the Constitution, but few have read and discussed its provisions.  Two University of MT law professors discuss the US and Montana Constitutions, and their unique relationship with American Indians.

Bill McConnell of Bozeman makes bows, arrows and stone arrowheads – and teaches others at the PAST skills school.  No “macho man”, he combines a rare mix of confidence, humility and deep respect for our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

Graduation Matters Montana:  Nationally, one third of our high school students drop out. Montana’s Office of Public Instruction is teaming up with local schools, businesses and communities to change that.

Human attitudes toward grizzly bears often divide between love and hate. The truth is they are what they are, as are we. And when our species cross paths at close range, sometimes things go wrong. Scott McMillion has written a book about that, and what we can learn from it. 

We tend to think of conservation as primarily involving government action. Yet the world of private conservation has exploded in the past 30 years. Bob Kiesling is one of its pioneers.

Leo Tolstoy said that to write well, one needed “to look closer, to weigh one’s words, to tell the exact truth.” Indian author Debra Magpie Earling meets that unforgiving test.

Deep Springs College:  This 2-year school in the California desert combines 20 hours a week of ranch/farm work with Classics education, and student self-governance.  Fair to say, it’s different!

The history of Yellowstone:  George Black’s book, Empire of Shadows, chronicles the stunning mixture of altruism and greed, brutality and benevolence that led to the establishment of our nation’s greatest national park.

The Arrow Creek Fire:  60 mile-an-hour winds and 100-degree heat drove the forest fire  toward the Dice family ranch.  And then town and country neighbors came – to fight to help them save it.

Nearly 40% of our electricity is generated by coal.  And big problems, too – carbon and toxic emissions.  Cloud Peak Energy’s Todd O’Hair discusses coal, climate change and what has to happen to clean things up.

Women on the Farm:  Third generation rancher/farmer Judy Tureck discusses the tough and inspiring realities of women’s lives in the real world of Montana agriculture.

What Makes the Winnett School Work?  Since 1996, all but 2 high schoolers in this central Montana farming community has graduated.  What is going on and can it be replicated?

Ben Steele, the last Montana survivor of the Bataan Death March, tells his stunning story.

Bakken Oil Shale:  Labor and Child Sex Trafficking: Deputy U.S. Attorney Peterson and FBI Agent Benitez discuss a tragic dark side of the North Dakota boom.

One Room Schoolhouses:  Charlotte Caldwell discusses her book about Montana’s one room schoolhouses – and the bedrock community commitment to education they reflected.