Artemis Common Ground produces this award-winning half-hour,
weekly radio program, broadcast on 50 public radio stations
and translators in the Rocky Mountain west.



Home Ground and host Brian Kahn are recipients of the

Montana Governor's Award for the Humanities 

OWAA National Excellence in Environmental Programming

E.J. Craney Award:  Outstanding Public Radio Program

Just listened to your broadcast.
All I can say is OUTSTANDING!”
— Joe L., Missoula
Just wanted to thank you for continuing to educate and inform us with Home Ground. I am always amazed at your ability to help us all see more than one side to so many different issues and topics you cover. I have been a listener for many years and you have always been able to widen my perspective on the issues and the people you present, all the while I feel like I’m sitting at the kitchen table with you and your guests in a discussion over a cup of coffee.”
— Daniel Durnam, Belgrade

More Reviews

Through thoughtful selection of folks from rural communities with diverse backgrounds combined with excellent preparation of insightful questions Home Ground Radio has successfully advanced the linkage between economy, ecology, social needs and community vitality, helping to create ‘common ground’ in the Rural West.”
— Gordy Sanders, Pyramid Lumber Company, Seeley Lake, Montana

Thank you for your program about Sheila Devins, at the Liz Claiborne preschool. We need this joy for all people in these difficult times. Thank you for this wonderful program.”
— Shirley Harrison
I listen to you every Tuesday while I run a saw in a lumber mill. I usually find your interviews fascinating because they put a person into the story, rather than just the facts....when the program ends, I wish for another half hour.”
— Dan Kostelnik, mill worker, Belgrade, Montana
Brian seems to have his finger on the pulse of the West and find people and subjects not always widely known but so integral to our daily lives. I especially appreciate his non-patronizing interviewing style. He asks penetrating questions.”
— Ellen Dudley, Sheridan, Wyoming
A dark and bitter story, Chris Dana, but I reckon his death, followed up as it was by his brother and the (National) Guard, was not in vain. A strong intelligent interview – Kahn didn’t pull punches…. He just always gets more depth as well as more synthesis than most folks do.”
— Mary Scriver, Browning, Montana
Home Ground renewed my appreciation for public radio in general and, particularly, for your special contribution to reasonable discourse on significant public issues here in Montana. No other radio or, for that matter, television program that I’m aware of comes anywhere near providing the focus, depth and objectivity your interviews provide.”
— Gordon R. Bennett, Retired Judge, Helena, Montana
I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed your program over time; I really like the way you are willing to talk to just about anyone with any point of view and help your listeners to understand where others are coming from. Keep up the good work!”
— Dorothy Patent, Missoula, Montana
I am so grateful for your ‘Home Ground’ programs. You have been my Tuesday evening engagement for a really long time…You are an excellent host, commentator, interviewer, and have wonderful (interesting) guests. Thank you!”
— Mrs. A. C. Wallace, Billings, Montana
You do an absolutely uncanny job and I am flattered to be the subject of your craft. I think your producer also contributed a lot to make me sound articulate beyond the reality. The results were very gratifying.”
— JG, Guest
The fact is that ‘Home Ground’ is a wide-ranging, very interesting show that gives people here a better sense of what is going on, who people are and what they’re thinking about, than any other show on either radio or television, public or private.”
— Gordon G. Brittan Jr., Professor of Philosophy, Montana State University
I’ve listened to the show several times. It’s one of the best interviews anybody ever did with me...ever. Amazing how much ground you got over...and you did it so seamlessly.”
— Patricia Nell Warren, Novelist
When I carefully listened to the CD it was quite apparent how you evoked (through persistence) responses from us to your penetrating questions. Twas a joy to be a participant.”
— Quentin Schroeter, National Association on Mental Illness, Montana
Every week I mean to thank you for exemplary inteviewing; now, after Chief Justice Gray’s time with you, I really want to thank you.”
— Bob Filipovich
Brian Kahn is an extremely skilled interviewer, bringing the best out in engineers as well as he does philosophers and old time Montana residents.”
— William Shropshire, President, American Chemet Corporation, East Helena, Montana
Thanks, as always, for your insightful interviews of the movers, shakers and shapers of political, social and economic thought in Montana. It is a privilege to hear people interviewed with such diligence.”
— John Snively, Missoula, Montana
I listened to your interview with Sheila Devins this evening....she was fantastic, but you also have a great knack of asking the right questions. What a wonderful program.”
— Rand Herzberg
Fascinating, informative shows.. How valuable I have found your program to be these past several years. It’s given me more insight into the history, culture and economics of Montana than any other media offering. Actually, no one else even seems to be trying to do what you’ve been doing. You have a knack for conversing with your guests in a way that brings out the average Montanan’s point of view.”
— Jim Murphy, Butte, Montana
We are terrifically impressed with Brian’s interviews on Home Ground. His style is unique. He probes and asks all the pointed questions we want asked, but does it in such a non-threatening way that the person he’s interviewing is put at ease and talks honestly and candidly.”
— Pat Tucker and Bruce Weide, Hamilton, Montana
Thanks for doing Home Ground Radio every week. It’s one of the few media outlets where important but complicated issues get the intelligent, in-depth coverage they deserve. Keep up the good work.”
— Michael Regan, Bozeman